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Du er her: Forsiden af > Things you should know when moving to Denmark - Things you should know when moving to Denmark
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Here is a guide to things you should know when moving to Denmark whn it comes to finding a place to live.

This guide is primarily for people looking to find a place for rent in Denmark.

Things you should know when living in Denmark

There is good news for you. Tennants are generally well protected by Danish law so you should not experience too much hassle when dealing with your landlord. But sometimes it is helpful to know your rights and duties.

The things you will find below are from e general stand point but should reflect most cases. If you have any questions feel free to contact or ask a Danish friend you have, someone at your school ie. a school counceler, teacher etc. or in our forum.

You should demand to get a signed contract in your hand before you move in. In this contract there are usually a lot of details that help both you and your landlord to get all things sorted.

Places to stay if you are studying

If you are studying in Denmark, you might have noticed that it is fairly difficult to find a place to live in Danmark. And for that reason it is very common for students to find a room for rent. Usually these rooms and rooms in apartments shared with on or two other students where you share kitchen, toilet and bathroom.
In most cases you are eligable for cheap student housing in apartments offered by the municipality. For more information about these I advice you to contact your local municipality or school and they should be able to help you along.


By law a landlord can demand that you pay a deposit for the place you are renting. This deposit cannot be higher than the equivalent to 3 months rent and often you have to pay a 3 month deposit but in some cases you might only have to pay 1 month. When you hav e moved out from your home you should get most or all your money back, if you have taken good care of your home during your stay. If you have moved into a place that is newly painted, expect to pay for fresh paint (sometimes you are allowed to paint yourself but you will have to check your contract).

Rent paid in advance

By law a landlord can demand that you pay up to 6 months rent in advance. In most cases you will only have to pay one month in advance (=You pay on the first of the month for that month's rent). If you have prepaid more than 1 months rent (ie. 3 months) means that you stay "for free" the last 3 months.

When the rent is due

Your contract will tell you when your rent is due. In most cases it is the 1st of every month. And the rent has to be paid within 3 business days.

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